RCA - Victor Single Releases

This list includes singles released for RCA-Victor. Many of the original 78 recordings were re-released as 45's and also appear in 78 or 33 1/3 album sets, 45 extended play and "smart" sets.

KEY:  B = Bluebird Label ; (r) = re-release of earlier recording ; 20-0000 = 78 rpm record ; 47-0000 = 45 rpm record; [1] = recording number of a song that Vaughn recorded more than once



B-10798        If You See Margie

                        The Gentleman Needs A Shave


B-10767        I'm Home Again

                        I'll Wait For You Forever


B-10848        There I Go [1]

                        Whatever Happened To You


B-10874        I Have a Song

                        What Noise Annoys an Oyster


B-10901        So You're The One

                        Is It Love Or Is It Conscription


B-10914        The Moon Fell In The River

                        Or Have I


B-10866        The Donkey Serenade

                        Salud, Dinero y Amor [1]


B-10950        Your Dream

                        You And Your Kiss


B-10966        Cabin In The Sky

                        You Danced With Dynamite


B-10976        The Last Time I Saw Paris [1]

                        High On A Windy Hill


B-10997        The Last Roundup

                        Accident'ly On Purpose


B-11013        Lone Star Trail

                        I Do Mean You


B-11025        There'll Be Some Changes Made [1]



B-11045        My One Romance

                        Take It Jackson [1]


B-11070        Racing With The Moon [1]

                        Requestfully Yours


B-11085        Just Plain Folks

                        Ridin' On A Rainbow


B-11103        Thumbs Up

                        Clam Chowder


B-11114        G'bye Now

                        Music Makers


B-11129        Vesti La Giubba [1]

                        Somewhere In England


B-11146        What Word Is Sweeter Than Sweetheart



B-11160        Aurora

                        The Monkey On A String


B-11173        Tattle-Tale

                        Love Me As I Am


B-11189        Daddy

                        Don't Be Blue, Little Pal, Don't Be Blue


B-11207        A Rose And A Prayer

                        The Worm Who Loved The Little 'Tater Bug


B-11221        Love Me A Little Little

                        Sleepy Serenade


B-11236        In The Middle Of The Dance

                        Sing A Love Song


B-11245        If It's You

                        Lazy Acres


B-11260        Two Pairs Of Shoes

                        Sam, You Made The Pants Too Long


B-11273        Two In Love

                        Cherry Blossoms On Capitol Hill


B-11283        One, Two, Three O'Lairy

                        Hawaiian Sunset [1]


B-11303        Moonlight Masquerade

                        The Window Washer Man


B-11310        I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good

                        Harvard Square


B-11334        I Struck A Match In The Dark

                        Something New


B-11344        The Shrine Of St. Cecelia [1]

                        'Fraidy Cat


B-11354        One Foot In Heaven

                        Tune Town Shuffle


B-11361        And So It Ended

                        A Sinner Kissed An Angel


B-11379        Under Your Window

                        Loved One


B-11399        I Don't Want To Walk Without You

                        I Guess I'll Be On My Way


B-11411        Sometimes

                        On The Street Of Regret


B-11422        Last Night I Said A Prayer

                        Pretty Little Busy-Body


B-11433        Tangerine [1]



B-11441        Seeing You Again Did Me No Good

                        Arthur Murray Taught Me Dancing In A Hurry


B-11445        Somebody Nobody Loves



B-11454        Somebody Else Is Taking My Place [1]

                        Honey, Dear


B-11468        Don't Tell A Lie About Me Dear

                        All For Love


B-11483        Me And My Melinda

                        Tom Thumb


B-11488        My Little Cousin

                        Commodore Clipper [1]


B-11496        Sleepy Lagoon [1]

                        A Fireside Chat


B-11508        Three Little Sisters

                        Be Brave Beloved


27877            Nightingale

                        A Soldier Dreams


27892            A Waltz Of Memory

                        Doodle La Do Da


27910            All I Need Is You

                        Coming Out Party


27921            This Is Worth Fighting For

                        The Corporal Told The Private [1]


27925            My Devotion [1]

                        When I Grow Up


27945            When The Lights Go On Again

                        Hip Hip Hooray


27950            At The Crossroads

                        From The Coast Of Maine To The Rockies


27958            You Were Never Lovelier

                        After It's Over


20-1524        Let's Get Lost [1]



20-1527        Cabin In The Sky


20-1591        Hawaiian Sunset (r)

                        Take It Jackson (r)


20-1596        The Last Time I Saw Paris (r)

                        After It's Over


20-1605        The Very Thought of You

                        The Trolley Song


20-1619        The Love I Long For [1]

                        This Heart of Mine


20-1637        Rum And Coca Cola [1]

                        There, I've Said It Again [1]


20-1649        I'll See You In My Dreams [1]

                        I Walked In [1]


20-1674        All At Once

                        So-o-o-o In Love


20-1687        No More Toujours L'Amour

                        A Story Of Two Cigarettes


20-1703        Moonlight And Roses

                        It's Only A Paper Moon


20-1704        Moon Of Manakoora



20-1705        Blue Moon

                        Shine On Harvest Moon


20-1706        Moon Love

                        Carolina Moon


20-1707        Racing With The Moon [3]

                        Moon Over Miami


20-1714        Something Sentimental [3]

                        Down In Chic-Chi Hatcha Watchee


20-1725        Just A Blue Serge Suit

                        Talkin' To Myself About You


20-1736        Fishin' For The Moon

                        Are These Really Mine? [2]


20-1759        Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow [1]

                        When The Sandman Rides The Trail


20-1779        You May Not Love Me

                        Just My Luck


20-1811        Seems Like Old Times

                        Gee! I Wish


20-1847        Josephine Please, No Lean On The Bell



20-1860        All The Time

                        Love On A Greyhound Bus


20-1892        Who Told You That Lie

                        It's My Lazy Day [1]


20-1920        Just The Other Day

                        When The Angelus Is Ringing


20-1946        Aren't You Kind Of Glad We Did

                        Changing My Tune


20-1964        Drifting And Dreaming

                        I'll See You In My Dreams (r)


20-1965        My Isle Of Golden Dreams

                        Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland


20-1966        I've Got a Pocketful of Dreams

                        Did You Ever See A Dream Walking


20-1967        Dream

                        My Dreams Are Getting Better All The Time


20-1972        The Things We Did Last Summer

                        More Now Than Ever


20-1982        Who Told You That Lie


20-2015        Life Can Be Beautiful

                        Hold Me, Hold Me, Hold Me


20-2053        You Can't See The Sun When You're Cryin'

                        And So To Bed


20-2084        Beware, My Heart

                        The Pleasure's All Mine


20-2095        It's Dreamtime

                        We Could Make Such Beautiful Music


20-2187        We Knew It All the Time

                        As You Desire Me


20-2226        You Can't Hide Your Heart Behind A Kiss

                        Dreams Are A Dime a Dozen


20-2275        Say No More



20-2294        Tallahassee

                        I Wish I Didn't Love You So


20-2316        All Of Me

                        I Kiss Your Hand, Madame


20-2361        Kokomo, Indiana

                        You Do


20-2388        There, I've Said It Again (r)

                        My Devotion (r)


20-2394        My, How The Time Goes By

                        I'm Still Sitting Under The Apple Tree


20-2433        The Stars Will Remember [1]

                        Ballerina [1]


20-2514        Love For Love

                        Baby Be Good


20-2523        How Soon [1]



20-2528        Nina Nana

                        Mahalani Papa Do


20-2573        Passing Fancy

                        In A Little Book Shop


20-2607        There'll Be Some Changes Made (r)

                        Dardenella (r)


20-2644        There I Go (r)

                        G'Bye Now (r)


20-2671        Matinee

                        Someone Cares


20-2712        The Loveliness Of You

                        Completely Yours


20-2717        Memory Lane



20-2718        Just A Memory

                        Memories Of You


20-2719        Thanks For The Memory



20-2720        Roses For Remembrance

                        It's Easy To Remember


20-2748        It's The Sentimental Thing To Do

                        Like We Used To Do


20-2785        Melody Time

                        Blue Shadows On The Trail


20-2811        What Do I Have To Do

                        A Little Imagination


20-2825        Vesti La Giubba (r)

                        Requestfully Yours (r)


20-2851        Give A Broken Heart A Break

                        The Maharajah Of Magador


20-2923        The Legend Of Tiabi

                        Cool Water [1]


20-2933        Racing With The Moon (r)

                        (Music Smart Set) Theme Songs


20-2957        There's Music In The Land

                        Every Day I Love You


20-2984        Yours (r)

                        Tangerine (r)


20-3000        If I Could Be The Sweetheart Of A Girl Like You

                        It's My Lazy Day (r)


20-3071        Sam You Made The Pants Too Long (r)

                        Why Did I Teach My Girl To Drive


20-3133        In My Dreams [2]

                        The Chocolate Choo-Choo


20-3204        If I Steal A Kiss

                        What's Wrong With Me


20-3220        The Moon Was Yellow [1]

                        Begin The Beguine


20-3221        Anniversary Song

                        Something Sentimental (r)


20-3222        Oh Promise Me



20-3223        The Whiffenpoof Song

                        Without A Song


20-3252        Columbus Stockade Blues [1]

                        My Own True Love


20-3319        Melancholy Minstrel

                        Red Roses For A Blue Lady [1]


20-3343        A Senorita's Bouquet

                        Don't Lie To Me


20-3382        Busy Doing Nothing

                        Is It Too Late


20-3411        Riders In The Sky [1]

                        Single Saddle


20-3411        Special Purpose Series (not for sale)

                        Riders In The Sky [1]

                        Vaughn Monroe tells the story behind "Riders In The Sky"


20-3425        Gigolette

                        Dreamy Old New England Moon


20-3472        It Looked So Good In The Window

                       The Telephone No Ring


20-3485        A Kiss In The Dark

                        Look For The Silver Lining


20-3486        Who

                        Shine On Harvest Moon


20-3487        Avalon [1]

                       Time On My Hands


20-3510        Someday You'll Want Me To Want You [1]

                       And It Still Goes


20-3531        Make Believe (You're Glad When You're Sorry)

                       That Lucky Old Sun


20-3541        Gee, It's Tough To Be A Skunk

                       My Hot Tamale Went Chilly On Me


20-3549        Vieni Su (Say You Love Me Too)

                        Blue For A Boy --Pink For A Girl


20-3560        Sonny Boy


20-3574        The Jolly Old Man In The Bright Red Suit

                        Auld Lang Syne [1]


20-3600        Mule Train [1]

                        Singing My Way Back Home


20-3606        So This Is Love

                       There's No One Here But Me


20-3627        My Little Golden Cross



20-3639        Ah, Sweet Mystery Of Life



20-3640        Kiss Me Again

                        Indian Summer


20-3641        Gypsy Love Song

                        I'm Falling In Love With Someone


20/47-3711     Over And Over

                           It's Easter Time


20/47-3773    Thanks, Mr. Florist

                          Tell Her You Love Her


20/47-3806    Violins From Nowhere

                          Our Very Own


20/47-3810    The Phantom Stagecoach

                          Gonna Ride 'N Ride 'N Ride


20/47-3811    No Range To Ride Anymore

                          While I'm  Smoking My Last Cigarette


20/47-3812    Rounded Up In Glory

                          Pony Express


20/47-3818    Mexicali Trail

                         The Phantom Stagecoach (r)


20/47-3865    Michigan - The Victors

                          Ohio State - Across The Field

                          Army - On Army Team

                          Navy - Navy Blue And Gold

                          Harvard - The Gridiron King

                          Yale - Boola Boola


20/47-3866    University Of Southern California - Song Of Troy

                          Stanford - The Cardinal Is Waiting

                          Georgia Tech - Ramblin' Wreck

                          Georgia - Hail To Georgia


20/47-3867     University of Pennsylvania - The Red And Blue

                          Columbia - Roar, Lion, Roar

                          Texas Christian U. - Horned Frogs, We Are All For You

                           University of Texas - The Eyes Of Texas


20/47-3868     Indiana - Indiana, Our Indiana

                          Notre Dame - The Victory March


20/47-3880    The Beer that I Left on the Bar

                          Why Fight the Feeling


20/47-3907     The Great American Dream

                           This Is My Country


20/47-3915    Frosty The Snowman

                          Could Be


20/47-3929    Dream Awhile

                          Dream A Little Dream of Me


20/47-3942    Snowy White Snow - Jingle Bells

                          It's A Marshmallow World


20/47-3977    I Am Loved

                         Use Your Imagination


20/47-4007    The Night Is Young and You're So Beautiful

                          From This Moment On [1]


20/47-4059    Faithful

                          They're Playing Our Song


20/47-4074     A Strawberry Moon

                          You Are The One


20/47-4113    Oh Marry, Marry Me

                          Sound Off


20/47-4114    Shall We Dance

                          On Top Of Old Smokey


20/47-4146    Love and Devotion

                          Old Soldiers Never Die


20/47-4138    Where Or When

                          Most Beautiful Girl In The World


20/47-4139    Falling In Love With Love

                         With A Song In My Heart


20/47-4171    So In Love [2]

                          I Concentrate On You


20/47-4172     Easy To Love

                          I Get A Kick Out Of You


20/47-4173    What Is This Thing Called Love

                          Don't Fence Me In


20/47-4180    Dark Is The Night

                          Wonder Why


20/47-4194    Red Sails In The Sunset [1]



20/47-4218    Laura Lee

                          Got Her Off My Hands


20/47-4271    Meanderin'

                         They Call The Wind Maria


20/47-4375    Once



20/47-4403     Tenderly

                           I Like It, I Like It, I Like It


20/47-4479    Mountain Laurel

                          Ooh, What You Did


20/47-4611     Lady Love

                          Idaho State Fair


20/47-4688    Marionette

                          California Rose


20/47-4760    Do You Care



20/47-4838    When My Love Comes Back To Me

                          The Man On Misty Mountain


20/47-4850    Dancing Girl

                          Learn To Lose


20/47-4941    Hound Dog

                          Man Don't Live Who Can Die Alone


20/47-4942    A Man's Best Friend Is His Horse

                          You'll Never Get Away


20/47-5007    Voters On Parade

                          The Man On Misty Mountain


20/47-5028    Jump Back, Honey

                          So - So


20/47-5030    Yours



20/47-5145     Lonely Eyes

                          It's A Small World


20/47-5236    Don't Build Your Dreams Too High



20/47-5286     Ruby [1]

                           Less Than Tomorrow


20/47-5329    My Good Girl

                          Don't You Care


20/47-5480    The Fiesta

                          I Know For Sure


20/47-5536    Guessing

                          Redwood Smoke


20/47-5608    Always In My Dreams

                          Talking To A Sparrow


20/47-5767    Mister Sandman [1]

                          They Were Doin' The Mambo


20/47-5851    Lila

                         Julie's Rainbow


20/47-5943    The Butterscotch Mop

                          Goodnight Mrs. Jones


20/47-5970    The Holy Bible

                         The Ten Commandments


47-2725          Blue Moon (r)

                         Shine On Harvest Moon (r)


47-2726         Carolina Moon (r)

                        Moon Love (r)


47-2791        Memory Lane (r)

                        Memories (r)


47-2792        Just A Memory (r)

                        Memories Of You (r)


47-2793        Thanks For The Memory (r)

                        Remember (r)


47-2799        Racing With The Moon (r)

                        Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto No. 1


47-2830        It's Only A Paper Moon (r)

                       Moonlight And Roses (r)


47-2831        Moon Of Mankoora (r)

                        Moonglow (r)


47-2832        Racing With The Moon (r)

                        Moon Over Miami (r)


47-2833        Drifting And Dreaming (r)

                        I'll See You In My Dreams (r)


47-2834        My Isle Of Golden Dreams (r)

                        Meet Me Tonight In Dreamland (r)


47-2835        Dream (r)

                        My Dreams Are Getting Better All The Time (r)


47-2883        Anniversary Song (r)

                        Something Sentimental (r)


47-2884        Oh Promise Me (r)

                        Because (r)


47-2885        The Wiffenpoof Song (r)

                        Without A Song (r)


47-2902        Riders In The Sky (r)

                        Single Saddle (r)


47-2944        Look For The Silver Lining (r)

                       A Kiss In The Dark (r)


47-2945        Who (r)

                        Shine On Harvest Moon (r)


47-2946        Time On My Hands (r)

                 Avalon (r)


47-2986        And It Still Goes (r)

                        Someday You'll Want Me To Want You (r)


47-3018        That Lucky Old Sun (r)

                        Make Believe (r)


47-3042        Blue For A Boy -- Pink For A Girl (r)

                       Vieni Su (r)


47-3068        Sonny Boy (r)

                        I Only Have Eyes For You (r)


47-3070        Auld Lange Syne (r)

                        Jolly Old Man In The Bright Red Suit (r)


47-3106        Mule Train (r)

                        Singing My Way Back Home (r)


47-3112        There's No One Here But Me (r)

                        So This Is Love (r)


47-3143        My Little Golden Cross (r)

                        Bamboo (r)


47-3162        Ah, Sweet Mystery Of Life (r)

                        Toyland (r)


47-3163        Kiss Me Again (r)

                        Indian Summer (r)


47-3164        Gypsy Love Song (r)

                        I'm Falling In Love With Someone (r)


47-3818        Mexicali Trail (r)

                        The Phantom Stage Coach (r)


47-4299        Jolly Old Man In The Bright Red Suit (r)

                        Frosty The Snowman (r)


47-4725        Someday (r)

                       Sound Off (r)


47-4726        On Top Of Old Smokey (r)

                        Ballerina (r)


47-4727        Red Roses For A Blue Lady (r)

                  Riders In The Sky (r)


47-5480        Fiesta

                        I Know For Sure


47-6002        What A Difference A Day Made

                        Main Event


47-6118        Roses And Revolvers

                        I Turned It Down


47-6216        You Could Hear A Pin Drop

                        The Moon Was Yellow [2]


47-6260        Black Denim Trousers

                        All By Myself


47-6358        Steel Guitar

                        Don't Go To Strangers


47-6501        There She Goes

                        The Rock And Roll Express


47-6619        In The Middle Of The House

                       Rollin' Heart


47-6703        Wait For Love

                        Not For A Long Time


47-6895        The Ride Back

                 Away Out West


47-7019        Miss You

                       Tomorrow, Tomorrow


47-7093        The Best Dream Of All



47-7173        There's No Piano In The House

                        Somebody Else Is Taking My Place [2]


47-7284        Left Right Out Of My Heart

                        Double Dutch


47-7345        Ten Chaperones

                        Ghost Trains


47-7443        Clown

                        There, I've Said It Again [3]


47-7495        Hercules

                        Battle Of New Orleans