Lang-Worth Transcriptions

Recorded between November 1943 and May 1945. Many of these are instrumentals.

KEY:  [1] = recording number of a song that Vaughn recorded more than once



AS-40            Racing With The Moon [2]

                        Stop Watching The Clock

                        White Christmas

                        No Love, No Nothin'


AS-39             Something Sentimental [1]

                        Commodore Clipper [2]

                        My Heart Tells Me

                        In Times Like These


945                 I Saw My Sweetie In The Newsreel

                        Century Note

                        Vesti La Giubba [2]

                        The Cop On The Beat


956                 Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

                        Do you Know?

                        Comin' On



951                 Boston Rocker

                        Salud, Dinero Y Amor [2]

                        Pistol Packin' Mama

                        The Love That I Have For You


AS-44            Candlelight And Wine

                        Speak Low

                        When They Ask About You

                        For The First Time


AS-54            Host Meets Ghost


                        My Melancholy Baby

                        My Gal Sal


964                 Oui Ma Cherie


                        My Heart At Thy Sweet Voice

                        Dark Eyes


966                 Silver Threads Among The Gold

                        So Goodnight

                        Someone To Love

                        Old Man Robbing A Baker


1012               I Ask The Stars

                        When You Put On That Old Blue Suit Again

                        Don't Worry Mom

                        I'm In Love With Someone


AS-74            How Blue The Night

                        Long Ago And Far Away

                        Notes To A Classy Chasis

                        Serenade To A Classy Chasis


1043              What A Difference A Day Made

                        I Don't Want To Love You

                        Sad Eyes



AS-96            I'm Making Believe

                        The Candy Kid Takes The Count

                        Harlem Nocturne

                        Ten Days With Baby


AS-107         The Candy Kid Digs In

                        Every Day Of My Life

                        In The Middle Of Nowhere

                        Lili Marlene [2]


1069               Rasputin's Tootin'

                        Some Peaceful Evening

                        Russian Bear



AS-117          Come With Me My Honey

                        This Heart Of Mine

                        Why Doncha Kiss Me?

                        The Love I Long For [2]


1076               Snoqualamie Jo Jo

                        Magic Is The Moonlight

                        Annie Laurie

                        Hawaiian Sunset [2]


1093              There, I've Said It Again [2]


                        Happy Jack

                        Give Me Love Tonight


AS-128          Rum And Coca Cola [2]

                        More And More

                        I Walked In [2]

                        Strange Music


AS-133          I'll See You In My Dreams [2]

                        Step 'N' Fetchit

                        The Joint Is Jumpin'

                        Tabby The Cat


AS-167          When I Grow Up


                        When Your GI Comes Marching Home



AS-172          So In Love [1]

                        I Wish I Knew

                        All At Once

                        Lady Day


1126              Columbus Stockade Blues [2]

                        I Miss Your Kiss

                        I Walk My Post In A Military Manner

                        Remember When?


1155               More Than Yesterday

                        Waiting For The Train To Come In

                        Are These Really Mine? [1]

                        I'll Be Walking With My Honey


AS-191          Toselli's Serenade

                        In Old Rincon


AS-195          Racing With The Moon [4]

                        I'll Buy That Dream

                        In My Dreams [1]

                        Don't Like You